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Whether we are going to the Middle East situation in Palestine to ...

Middle East problem public lectures Effect Arafat and Israeli Prime Minister Rabin of the PLO signed a historic handshake at the White House [Oslo]. From there, you will just 0 years now date. But prospects of the time, all over the world were expected [Palestine solve peace of the problem] is 0 years later was not visible at all now, and getting worse rather. On the other hand, around the Arab countries also, the Egyptian coup, the Syrian civil war, Iraq, and Turkey of confusion, has wavered. Whether the situation of the current chaotic Middle East countries have happened in fact, further, in the situation in the Middle East, again, whether it was anything to do with that [Oslo], now, the Palestinian people suffer from what I think Te, how alive, and the future, whether the Middle East whole mess is going to exert what influence on the Palestinian Israeli issue, was validated over the days. 0 date (day) Current state of the Middle East countries that tumultuous first part [Symposium] Middle East countries of the status quo commentary (By young researchers of Egypt / Syria / Turkey / Gulf States specialty) .

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