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Middle East problem public lectures Islamic State of Saddam Hussein of curse refreshing seen the Middle East problem [ Curse of the Islamic State of Saddam Hussein Are roughly classified into the conflict in the Middle East that has been attracting attention recently, it is divided into two. One is, it [diffusion of violence] to the world by Islamic extremists. 00 years the United States terrorist attacks and later, terrorist groups have continued to give the fear around the world. Although the international community has hit a variety of measures, which appear one after another new group, such as [Islamic State]. Here, is also involved conflicts between Muslim sects. Another is, it is confrontation of the Israeli Jewish state over the land of Palestine, and the Muslim Arab countries that surround it. Israel received a Christian country with the support of Europe and the United States, the world's leading armaments, including nuclear weapons. Even now, it is followed by the Islamic organization Hamas and simmering tensions state that govern the Palestinian territories Gaza. What is the root cause of the Middle East problem. I want to explore the clues.

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